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Preschool & Kindergarten Ready

In the state of Missouri, children who turn three before August 1 are eligible for preschool and children who turn five before August 1 are eligible for kindergarten

Annual Verification

Each year, families of currently enrolled students must verify information and confirm residency through our online registration portal.

High School Students

High school students enrolling in Kirbyville will attend one of three neighboring districts: Branson, Forsyth, or Hollister.  Contact us for more info.

New Enrollments

This information is intended for families who are new to Kirbyville and do not have students currently or previously enrolled.




    New Family Online Registration

     (This option is intended for use by families who are new to the district. This means none of the students in the family are currently attending any of the schools in the district and none of the students have ever attended any of the schools in the district in the past)


    Completing Online Registration

    • An email address will be required (parents with no active email can choose one of several free providers, such as Gmail).
    • Access to the internet is required.  If you are unable to access the internet, computers will be available at each school, see our website for dates and times.


    Step 1: Go to:


    Step 2: Select the Parent tab and enter your email address in the username window


    Step 3: Click on ‘Register New Family’, which is at the bottom of the Parent tab screen. You will receive an email (to the address you entered), with further instructions on completing the online registration process. 


    Step 4: After selecting the email link>>Select OK on the registration popup


    Step 5: Fill out the fields and select NEXT to follow the prompts.


    Step 6: If enrolling more than 1 child, select ‘add student’ in the bottom left corner.


    Step 7: Continue to fill out all family forms. At the bottom of each page, make sure to mark ‘I have completed this form.’ All of the forms will have the status of complete/submitted when finished.

    **Don’t forget to add ‘non-resident’ parent if needed and connect to the correct student. Select ‘add household’ (bottom of page) under the non-resident section. ** 


    Step 8: Once all the forms have been marked ‘completed’ on the main registration page the ‘Submit Forms’ option will appear. 

    • Select OK - Forms for ALL students are completed
    • Select CANCEL - You still need to add a student


    Step 9:   The following will appear if the submission was successfully completed.


    To complete the registration process for a New to District Family you must complete

    Step 10:  Visit the school building your student(s) will attend with the required documents listed below to complete registration. 

    • Proof of residency (acceptable documents include: property tax statement, legal property description, utility bill/agreement, rental agreement/receipt, or real estate contract). If you do not have access to any of these forms then you must pick up a form from the elementary or middle school office to fill out explaining your living arrangements. 
    • Proof of legal name/age (example: Birth Certificate, Legal Document, Passport, Visa)
    • Current Immunizations or exemption form
    • Proof of guardianship court documents (if needed) 


    If you have any questions, please contact the secretary at the building your student will be attending:

  • These instructions apply to K-8 grade students enrolling at Kirbyille. If you wish to enroll a student in preschool, please follow the preschool-specific enrollment instructions below.


    1. Contact your school to requestion an online registration link.  If you are enrolling before ***INSERT DATE HERE***, use this link to complete online registration.
    2. Complete the online enrollment process. It is very important to note your application number so the school can reference your information.
    3. After completing the online enrollment process, contact your school for further information.
  • Important Notes:


    • Kirbyville Preschool is fee-based.  Current tuition is **UPDATE TUITION COST**
    • Capacity is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.
    • To be eligible for enrollment, prospective students must be 3 years old before August 1st.
    • Prospective students must be potty-trained.
    • Families must provide required documentation described below.
    • Prospective students will be required to complete a pre-enrollment screening with the preschool director.



    For More Information:


    To begin enrollment or ask questions, please reach out the the Preschool Director:


    Lynna Blevins

  • Kirbyville provides instruction for students up to the 8th grade.  High school students enrolled at Kirbyville attend one of three neighboring partner districts: Branson, Forsyth, or Hollister.   District transportation is available for high school students attending a partner district.


    To Enroll A High School Student:

    • Contact Kirbyville Middle School first to begin the enrollment process.
    • After contact is made you will receive instructions for enrolling with a partner district.
    • Continuing communication will primarly be with the partner district.


    • Proof of Residency
      • Acceptable Documents:
        • Utility Bill / Agreement
        • Rental Agreement / Receipt
        • Real Estate Contract
        • Property Tax Statement
        • Legal Property Description
        • If none of these documents are availabe, see the FAQ below for additional details.
    • Proof of Legal Name & Age
      • Acceptable Documents:
        • Birth Certificate
        • Legal Document
        • Passport
        • Visa
    • Current Immunization Record or Exemption Form
    • Records Release Form for Previous School – Provided During Enrollment
    • 504 or IEP documention, if applicable
    • Court Documentation of Guardianship – If Required

    For any questions, contact the office of the appropriate school.  Contact information is in the FAQ below.

Returning Students

This information is for families with students currently enrolled in Kirbyville. 

  • Each summer, parents/guardians of returning Kirbyville students must complete an online registration process to verify or update existing household and student information. Through this process, parents review, confirm and/or update their household and student information online via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The open registration period window opens each summer, a few weeks before the start of the school year. 

    1. Log in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Select the “More” option from the navigation menu, then select “Online Registration.”


Reach out to with any questions you may have.

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